Happy New Year!!!

Soon after the cheers and toasts of the New Years Eve celebrations fade away we start up with our New Year's Resolutions to do better next year. Whether it's losing weight, getting in shape, or focusing on our family or career many of us make resoutions and then within a few weeks have forgotten about them or dismissed them. 


Is it that we lack motivation? Lack accountability?  Are we just plain lazy?  

These are the stories and excuses we hear and find comfort in, but it is not really what is going on.

The reason you abandon your resolutions is simply that something else is more important to you. You have a more important personal value.

Personal values are what form the basis of your decisions. You have a heirarchy of personal values.  Most of your decisions can be traced back to about 5 key values. Knowing and understanding your actual values (as opposed to what you wish your values were) is a critical step in being able to evolve your values to achieve what you want. Your values are your deep seated decision making rules. They don't change easily or quickly, but they can evolve.  

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