Earlier this year PricewaterhouseCoopers released its 2014 US CEO Survey. This document is a road map for business trends in the US and globally. More importantly for you, it is a glimpse into the future that will impact your career, enabling you to start preparing for the future now. Wouldn't it be nice to know skills you should start learning now so that you are well positioned for future success rather than the unemployment line? 

The quote in the title from this article sums up well the trends in the business place and for career development. "Technology is Everyone's Business" (p. 7). Technology encompasses a variety of skills from programming to analytics to robotics, as you can see in the accompanying chart.

Knowledge of technology is no longer just for the IT department. You need to know technology. If you're in Marketing, you need to know technology. If you're in Finance you need to know technology. If you're in Sales. And so on. 

Granted, the technology you need to know will vary from role-to-role and business-to-business, but to be clear, the ability to work with and leverage technology is a skill that is growing in importance. What will also be critical to your long term career success is your ability to learn and adapt to new technologies as they become better, faster and omnipresent. 

If you are looking to secure your career path and economic future, knowing where the industry you are working in is heading is important. The chart above shows where companies are investing in 2014. Number 1 is Business Analytics with 44% of CEOs citing it as their top area of investment. Close behind is Socially Enabled Business Processes. If you are looking for an area to advance your career, these areas are ones that are sure to be short in both staffing and leadership. Investing in yourself will position you to take advantage of these trends.

You also need to be looking forward about the changes in technology. What is hot today may be obsolete tomorrow. In fact 57% of CEOs are concerned about how fast technology is changing and being able to adapt quickly enough. As the CEO of your career, the Business of You, you too should be concerned enough to keep an eye on emerging trends. In business analytics technology and tools like Hadoop, Pig, Hive, R, Tableau and others are relative new comers. How long will they be around? As companies invest heavily in these technologies the pace of change may slow because no company will be able to make large capital expenditures repeatedly. 

What can you do?

When you look at your career as a business you look at the environment you are operating in and look for the external threats and opportunities. Often threats are just opportunities that are disguised as the need to adapt or evolve from what you are today into something new tomorrow.

Follow industry trends to see how technology is being used in the area you work in. Right now marketing is being transformed by Big Data Analytics as businesses are able to collect and analyze vast amounts of data from actual customers and potential customers from sales and social media. This information is further influencing other parts of business from product design to packaging to delivery.  

Work is often involved. You will need to do some research to learn the latest trends. Become a member of a professional association. Join industry groups on LinkedIn. Attend Meet ups in your area. Perhaps you'll need to do training outside of work hours or spend your own money on training to keep up.

With all this change you will also want to write this down and develop a career strategic plan. Even though it may need to adapt and evolve as the technology changes, writing out your career strategic plan helps you define what you want and a direction to to start moving, even if you change it later. 

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