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Advancing Your Career By Understanding The Future Economy and You

Success Rockets LLC is devoted to helping people like you advance their careers by understanding the future economy and how they can find their place in it. Being told you are the CEO of your life and to go figure it out is simply not enough to successfully build your career or navigate the change and volatility of the 21st Century economy. Technology is advancing rapidly across many fields from artificial intelliegence to blockchain, genetics, material science, robotics and virtual reality and all promise to reshape how work is done and even the very nature of business. It truly is a new industrial revolution, the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Of course, all of the usual job disruptors from economic cycles and changing poltical winds to personal health and corporate health are still present as well. Our goal is to provide you with the information, insight and support you need to take advantage of the opportunities the future brings and avoid or mitigate the struggles. You deserve a  rewarding and prosperous career and lifestyle. 

Our programs develop the entrepreneurial spirit of ambitious career-minded professionals, increase self-awareness and empowerment, and focus them on what they can control. Based on applying proven business strategies and processes to career development, Success Rockets LLC provides a unique approach to building your career as if it were a business, You Inc.  We help you adjust your career/business plans to a dynamic workplace and helping you better understand the one constant factor you can count on the most – YOU! By building a strong foundation of understanding your core qualities, strengths, and values Success Rockets clients understand how to respond when economic winds change direction. 

Success Rockets Difference

Larry's approach to coaching is straight forward and focused on building your success from your strengths. Larry helps you build your success with straightforward coaching, management and leadership techniques. There's no fluff here. Larry works with you to apply techniques that stretch both the right and left side of your brain. Feel good about your progress and success rather than just feel good. Success in today's business world depends on both your hard skills and soft skills. Work with Larry to understand where your strengths are and where your developmental needs lie. Create and implement a strategy to get you where you want to be, rather than focus on "re-inventing" yourself. Identify, address and eliminate or mitigate your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks to your success. You set the agenda and destination; Larry helps get you there.

Meet the President – Larry Boyer

Larry Boyer is a trusted advisor individuals, businesses and government agencies. His work integrates the worlds of business analytics, personal development and executive coaching to help accelerate the success of individuals, teams and business. With over 15 years of experience leading innovative quantitative analysis teams, Larry brings a unique perspective, rigor and concise, no-nonsense approach to career development strategies and entrepreneurialism to his training and coaching clients.

Uniquely applying his skills that span disciplines as diverse as quantitative methods, information technology, economics and personal motivation and coaching, Mr. Boyer addresses some of the most challenging problems businesses and governments face, by designing models, making connections and gaining insight into complex and dynamic systems of human interaction. As early as 1995, Mr. Boyer was addressing policy challenges at the intersection of quantitative risk analysis, economics, societal values, co-authoring "The Problem of lntergenerational Equity: Balancing Risks, Costs and Benefits Fairly Across Generations. "1

Mr. Boyer helps his client's develop trust and credibility with regulators, auditors and other oversight entities by building trust and rapport using a combination of analytical and coaching techniques. Larry honed his skills at explaining complex concepts as an instructor of introductory and advanced economics courses at Rutgers University and Ramapo State College. In 2008 he was an invited speaker at the Congressional Model & Simulation Caucus's Leadership Summit, addressing the use of simulation modeling in finance and economics.

Mr. Boyer has over 20 years of applied business leadership experience having worked with top firms such as Price Waterhouse, Freddie Mac and IHS. Mr. Boyer holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Physics from the University of Massachusetts, a Masters of Arts in Economics from Rutgers University and a Masters of Public Administration from The George Washington University. Larry is also a graduate of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and CEO Space.  Mr. Boyer is a Certified Business Economist by the National Business Economists Association and an Associate Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation.  Larry is a long time member of the Global Association of Risk Professionals, National Association of Business Economists and the National Eagle Scout Association.  Larry is a certified Reach Personal Branding and Social Media Branding Strategist and Keynote Speaker. He is also an iPEC Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner.

"Larry's skill in every other performance area is overshadowed by his effectiveness as a teacher and mentor.”