Corporate Training

Corporate Leadership and Career Success Training Programs

Success Rockets® offers several standard training programs for groups of individuals or even entire teams aimed at increasing productivity, reducing misconceptions and empowering staff to greater results. At Success Rockets® we will work with your corporate team to customize our presentations to fit with your corporate culture and career development models. Additional programs can be developed to meet your training needs as well. In addition to training programs we offer one-on-one coaching for high potentials, staff on performance improvement plans and staff who are transitioning away from the company for whatever reason.

Personal Values Workshop

When values are in alignment with vision & mission, productivity is higher and customer satisfaction soars.

Topics include:
  • Values First! Personal Values Assesment
  • Connecting personal and corporate values
  • Applying personal values to career success

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Personal Branding Workshop

When managers and staff alike know their personal brands, productivity increases. Workers are assigned the right task for them.

Topics include:
  • 360 Reach Personal Brand Assesment
  • Personal Branding Statement
  • Applying your personal brand in the work place

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Career Development Workshop

Understanding the career development process empowers employees adn increases their job satisfaction & engagement.

Topics include:
  • Diamond Career Model
  • Enery Leadership Index Assesment
  • Strategic Career Development Plan

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New Leadership Development Workshop

Learn how to lead and motivate people with tried and true techniques. Stop relying on "that's how I learned"

Topics include:
  • Understanding Your Leadership Style
  • Energy Leadership Index Assesment
  • Motivating Others

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Understanding Career Progression and Pay

Career Development and Progression is no longer simply climbing the corporate ladder. Yet many of us still hold this notion of career development and wonder why we’re not getting promoted. A lack of understanding of the career development process is often one of the greatest sources of career dissatisfaction and employee turnover. Empower your employees with an understanding of career development options in today’s changing corporate environment that include promotions, lateral moves, and continuous learning and development. Employees will learn how they are in charge of their career and how it developments. Attendees will learn the difference between what the company invests in their careers and what they should be investing in their careers.

Whether an employee is just starting out or has been with the firm for years there is often confusion about career paths, how to get promoted, how does the compensation process work and more. Our educational system, culture at large and often in your own corporate culture fail to provide the answers to help staff take charge of their careers and increase their value for themselves and the company.

Leading and Motivating Staff

Most experienced and newly appointed leaders and managers have never had any formal training in how to lead and motivate staff. As a consequence they often struggle in their new positions, becoming frustrated and disengaged themselves. This course aims to help leaders understand their own leadership style, what their motivators are and how understand the motivators of others. The Energy Leadership Index Assessment in provided to participants and they learn the 7 Levels of Engagement, which they can apply to themselves and their staff. Armed with this knowledge we then tackle the one skill leaders are most often criticized for lack – listening. Learn and practice the 3 levels of listening in order to change around most any interpersonal situation.

Align Personal and Corporate Values

Values are the underpinning of any business or personal decision. While companies often post their corporate values there is often little understanding of them. Even worse, employees rarely know and understand their personal values and how they complement the corporate values. The result is stress, breakdowns is corporate policies and ethical lapses. In this workshop participants begin with understanding the core importance of values in business, then deeply explore their personal values with the Values First! Values Assessment. Corporate and personal values are then brought together, allowing participants to make better informed decisions, avoid ethical lapses and increase employee engagement and have soaring customer satisfaction.

Personal Branding In a Corporate Environment

Personal Branding is good for both businesses and employees. At the core of personal branding is understanding your unique promise of value. When both employees and managers understand each person’s unique value staff can be better deployed on projects, resulting in increased productivity and colleague engagement. An understanding of personal branding also allows staff to understand how to better position themselves for career advancement and businesses to better understand where the leaders of tomorrow are coming from.  For more experienced staff, learn how to bring your personal brand out more in order to win more business.

Other Services

Business can hire Success Rockets® for both one-on-one coaching and group workshops and classes. We can work with developing the leaders of tomorrow as well as working with staff who are struggling to be successful.

If there is a service you would like to know more about or if we can develop a program for you please contact us. If we’re unable to help you we will work with you to find someone who can.