Being Good at Your Job is
No Longer Sufficient

To be competitive in the modern workforce, it takes more than just technical ability…

As we enter the 4th Industrial Revolution, talented and inexpensive workers from around the world are displacing us and no job is safe from advances in automation and AI.

But there is a way to ensure you THRIVE in this changing economy…

The people who thrive in the modern workplace:

  • Intuitively understand when to work within the rules and
    when to break them
  • Have bullet-proof decision making frameworks that take the
    guesswork out of making challenging decisions
  • Use their personal values to navigate their way up the ranks
    of their company
  • Purposefully developed skills that allow them to tap into
    profound wells of productivity and creativity when they are
    feeling tired or burnt out

Avoid "Career-By-Accident"

The people most at risk in this current economy are those
who have taken the career path of least resistance aka
"Career-by-accident syndrome."

If you:

  • Job hop at the slightest sign of boredom or challenge, and
    say it's because "you're following your passion"
  • Stay at your job even though you're miserable and stagnant
  • Accept new job offers for superficial reasons like status and
    pay without a deep understanding of how it will impact your
    long term goals

People who have career-by-accident syndrome end up
feeling burnt out, unfulfilled, and under-appreciated.

They're also the first people to go when a company is
looking to cut down on costs.

The people who thrive
are the ones who
have mastered The
Business of You

They understand that success is about much more than
meeting their job description. They are getting promotions
while others are getting laid-off. They are the ones rising
through the ranks faster than people with 10 or 15 years
more experience.

The Business of You will teach you the skills you
need to take your career to the next level, in-
cluding how to:

  • Become indispensable to your company by creating a per-
    sonal brand that consistently communicates your unique
    value and adapts to disruption from technology and the economy.
  • Avoid the common mistakes that cause 49% of new hires to
    fail at their jobs in the first year
  • Gain extra time every week by learning how to
    quickly and effectively overcome interpersonal conflicts in
    the office
  • Increase your personal engagement at work by
    up to 51% by shifting from a Catabolic to Anabolic energy state
  • Seamlessly climb through the ranks of your company by un-
    covering the hidden value motives of the 8 people with
    whom you have 80% of your daily interactions
  • And more…

If you're serious about creating a
fulfilling, lucrative, and successful career,
then you need to understand how to build
The Business of You.

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Many businesses have discovered that by focusing on developing their values they have become more successful in the market place.  When you do the same thing as "You Inc.," a business within a business, you will be able to realize improvements in productivity, market yourself better, hasten decision-making, improve interpersonal skills, and heighten workplace satisfaction.  By becoming clear about your values and by learning to stay focused on them you will not only become a better more centered person but you will also be able to stand out in a turbulent job market.


Successful business and people are purpose-driving with a clear vision and mission. Unfortunately both large companies and people are often confused about the differences between mission, vision and purpose, and how these fit in with the values that we worked on in Module 1.  In this module, I am going to make a clear distinction between vision, mission and purpose, and show how all of these build on values and can help you be successful.


A lot of people are really good at something they hate doing. Making things worse, they get paid well for doing what makes them unhappy. In this module we build on the foundation of values, purpose, vision and mission and look at how our skills enable us to achieve success and to be happy. When you become aware of these factors and learn to use the techniques I teach here, you will be able to stay motivated and avoid burnout in even the most stressful conditions.  Learning to stay motivated and avoid burnout is important for your business success, and it is also important for your health.


A lot of people cringe at the idea of marketing themselves.  And few people have put in the work necessary to brand themselves.  But what most people miss is the fact that "branding" is really just a way of speaking about what other people think of you.  It's a way of talking about what image of you is conjured up when people hear your name.  As Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.com said, "Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room."  So the truth is, you already have a brand.  The problem is, unless you've gone through a process like the one you are about to go through in this module, you probably haven't been managing it very well. 


To really bring your Vision to reality it is necessary that we drill down on this process so that you can actually close the gap.  The key is creating a Strategic Career Plan.  The point is this:  You are the owner of your career. No one else.  You are the one responsible. As the CEO of the You Inc., you have to ask yourself: what are you doing to prepare your business to move forward and thrive?  This module will help you answer that question.


When it comes to building our successful career, often we are our own worst enemies — holding ourselves back in ways we don't even realize.  Some of these success blocks are easy to recognize once you start looking for them, while other blocks may require the help of others to see.  In a way, these blocks have been designed to protect you from emotional or physical pain.  Often they are based on past experience, which may no longer be relevant in your life.  They lead you to automatic responses that you no longer even notice or reflect upon.  When you do think about them for a while, you realize they're no longer helpful.


In this final module it's time to bring together everything you've worked on in the previous modules and build the blueprint for The Business of You. This blueprint is your business plan that will keep you focused and on course regardless of what happens with your job or the economy.