You can use LinkedIn Endorsements & Skills to refine and communicate your personal brand. You do this by managing which endorsed skills appear on your profile and which are in your top 10.

First you need to understand why the endorsed skills are important.  First, they are an easy way for visitors to you profile to know your strengths, as seen by others. Second, they are a way for people to find you when conducting a key word search. Third, they are a way for you to see what you have in common with people asking to connect with you.  

In order to manage these skills you will likely need to delete skills or hide endorsements, including some with a large number of endorsements.  Don't worry about this, people will endorse you for these skills again in the future.  

  1. Delete Skills You Don't Want To Be Known For: Go through the list of skills on your profile and ask yourself if you really want to be known for this skill. Perhaps it's a skill you've developed in the past but you are moving away from that skill in the direction your career is going. Perhaps as you change careers or as you advance, you may find it's time to reposition your personal brand and your skills inventory.    
  2. Delete Similar Skills: Often people will endorse you for skills that are essentially the same – analysis and analytics for example. Your profile will not get the same lift when people view your profile and they see a list of the same words. It tells the viewer very little about you. Keep them if you have room in your list of 50 skills.  However if they appear in your top 10 endorsed skills, pick one and delete the other – let it reappear lower in the list as people endorse you for that skill again.     
  3. Manage Top Ten Skills By Deleting What You Want Lower: Your Top 10 Endorsed Skills received the most attention. They are called out in a list and have the profile pictures of those who endorsed you for that skill immediately to the right. These are the top skills you want everyone to notice when they look at your profile. Make sure they are the skills that are listed. If you delete one of these skills, number 11 will move up to the number 10 slot.  
  4. Ask Connections to Endorse A Specific Skill: Another approach to getting one of your skills listed in the top 10 is to ask your connections to endorse you for that skill. If you do this, only ask people who you have a relationship with and who have reason to endorse you. LinkedIn members generally dislike being asked to endorse someone they don't know. If you do this also send personalized messages to each person you ask. Do not send out a mass request. This is also seen as poor etiquette. 
  5. Hide Endorsements: When editing your Skills & Endorsements one of the options available is to hide the endorsements. You can select individual people's endorsements to hide or to hide all of them. With this feature you can also change the order of your endorsed skills. When you hide the endorsements from others, your skill is still listed, but moves to the bottom of the list. 

 The good news is you can do this in just a few minutes. If you feel uncomfortable deleting a skill, leave it there for now and come back and revisit it. Remember, if it's not a skill you want people to associate with you, it is not really helping you even if others are endorsing you.