In our busy daily lives at work and home it is rare to take a few moments out of our day to ask a simple, yet challenging question – 

Why Am I Here?

Not the big question about why are you alive, but why are you working where you are? What is motivating you to go to work? Even if you hate your job, why are you going?

There are many possible answers:

I love the work I do.

I love the people I work with.

I love the challenge.

I love my daughter/son and want to provide for her/him

Being consciously aware of your reason for showing up to work every day is critical for you to stay engaged with your work. The more certain you are, the better able you'll be to seek and find find opportunities to connect with your reason for being there. The more motivated and satisfied you'll be with your work.   

Take some time this weekend to give it some thought. Write it down. 

Why am I here?