Last week, in Intro to Energetic Self Perception Levels 1-2 and Intro to Energetic Self Perception Levels 3-4, we discussed the characteristics of the Levels 1 through 4 from the Energetic Self Perception Chart (click to download your copy), which is used to describe the 7 levels of energy and self awareness that we all possess to one degree or another. In order to be an effective leader, you must operate at a higher level of energy and awareness than those you are leading. It is critical for your own career development to understand and raise your own level of awareness, and then you can do the same for your team. What is discussed here is only the tip of the iceberg of Energy Leadership. 

For each of the areas below try to think about situation in your life, now or in the past, that you can relate to what is being described. Is that situation still going on or has it been resolved? If it has been resolved, think about how you felt once it was resolved.

Level 5: Reconciliation Energy – "We Win"

At Level 5 we start to reconcile the differences to create opportunity. Rather than seeing people or situations as needing fixing a person at Level 5 creates opportunities from whatever is happening. At level 5 we are asking “What’s Right” rather than “What’s Wrong”. People in this level are usually in a leadership role and seen as someone who can “fix” problems quickly. However they prefer to let people help themselves, rather than “fix”. Some exhibiting level 5 is looking to see how can “We Win”? Someone at level 5 believes that situations “Just are”, without any judgment about good or bad, and as a result experiences less fear and greater inner peace. At this level people are often get caught up in their heads, and so can lack emotional intelligence. In relationships they can be more like roommates than romantic partners.

At Level 5 you may feel or believe any of the following:

I want to understand you, life offers us opportunity after opportunity to gather experiences and learn, our purpose is to find peace and joy, your purpose in life is to live it to the fullest and make a difference to as many people as possible., I only win if you win, I am always in control of my life and my perspective of it, everything always works out for the best even if you don’t see it at the time.

Level 6: Synthesis Energy – "Everyone Always Wins" 

A person who is operating with Level 6 energy is looking to create power in partnerships. Experience is the opportunity, with nothing being good or bad. There’s nothing to improve. At level 6 your intuition is thriving. There is a sense of connection with everyone. Without judgment the perspective on winning becomes “We Always Win”. Your goal at level 6 is the experience rather than the end. Many people at level 6 are considered great thinkers or visionaries. They have a “holographic”, or multidimensional, approach to decision making. At work someone is at level 6 has a lot of proactive energy. They don’t wait for things to happen. In relationships they are fine with allowing it to grow and change.

At Level 6 you may feel or believe any of the following:

Life itself is a wonderful opportunity, the purpose of life is to live and experience, success is remember who we really are, I am open to life’s mysteries nothing needs to be figured out, What I have and do is not who I am, there is power in partnership and together we can create miracles, Life cannot be won or lost – only played.

Level 7: Non-judgment Energy – "Winning and Losing are Illusions" 

Level 7 energy creates non-judgment and absolute passion. This is a level of creation, where we create, observe and experience all at the same time. People at Level 7 are passionate about what they do and are open to exploring possibilities without any expectation of a reward. Level 7 people often prefer to be left alone, not feeling a need to share their lives with anyone individual yet they feel connected to everyone. In relationships they can be unconditionally loving and accepting, yet sometimes appear aloof or uncaring

At Level 7 you may feel or believe any of the following:

There is no good or bad or right or wrong; unconditional love is our true nature; I am the writer, producer, playwright, actor/actress and audience of life.

How do these descriptions of levels 5-7 sound to you? Do you know people who fit these descriptions?  How about you? Where in your life to you have Level 5, 6 and 7 Energy?